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yourfilehost.com - can't view videos

Discussion in 'Software' started by Georgew7510, May 13, 2007.

  1. Georgew7510

    Georgew7510 Private E-2

    I used the wrong host - sorry everything should have read "yourfilehost.com"

    I am sorry to bother you guys with such a trivial problem, but yourfilehost has not answered 3 emails.

    I am a computer novice. I have an IBM PC, and use a firefox limited account as my browser with a Windows XP operating system. Up until a few weeks ago I could view videos from the net through yourfilehost.com. Now, the yourfilehost screen pops up but the videos don't play. I have the latest versions of WMF, and winzip. Any help is sincerely appreciated.

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  2. Georgew7510

    Georgew7510 Private E-2

    Re: yourfilehost.com - can't view videos "bump"

    Thought I'd try this again. Thanks for any advice
  3. Wayne82

    Wayne82 Sergeant Major

    Im sorry Im having trouble understanding this. Ive got the part you use an IBM pc, Windows XP and Firefox.

    I dont understand why you would need WinZIP? Are you talking about watching streaming media online? Or are you talking about downloading video files to watch?

    By WMF do you mean the codec for this? Or do you mean the latest media player?
  4. Georgew7510

    Georgew7510 Private E-2

    Thanks for responding. I'm only talking about downloading videos to watch. I have winzip (I think) because sometimes friends send me audio clips and winzip plays them. WMF is the Windows Media File.
  5. Georgew7510

    Georgew7510 Private E-2

    Excuse my ignorance. I should have said I have winamp and Windows Media Player
  6. Wayne82

    Wayne82 Sergeant Major

    Im not well up on this kind of stuff to be honest but I saw no-one had answered so I thought Id have a go!

    First of all I didnt think WinZIP played music files as its a utility for compressing and uncompressing things.

    I dont know what could be causing this but I will give a few suggestions.

    > Have you done anything to update your sound drivers recently? Or do you know if you use realtek AC`97 audio?
    > Have you got all the latest updates for WinAMP and Media Player?
    > What format are these sound files? like are they .mp3 or .wma?
    > Are they .ZIP files? If they are they will need uncompressing before you can play them?

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