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Can't go above 60 Hz - please assist.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Zorkman, Jan 17, 2007.

  1. Zorkman

    Zorkman Private E-2

    Greetings, if you recall I had a previous post about my 7.1 catalyst drivers.
    This is just a follow-up.
    The problem, I have found, is that most new games/programs which I have set at high resolutions, and automatically adjust their refresh rate accordingly, have a black screen upon booting them up, and that continues until I forcefully go back to the desktop.
    The maximum amount refresh rate I can go to is 60 Hz.
    My monitor is not the problem, as this was not happening beforehand.
    I do not know if it is truly a refresh rate problem, or something else in the programming, but I do need assistance.
    I am very confident that the problem is software, not hardware, for I was using 6.2 drivers a while back, and they functioned perfectly at 75 Hz, and had no real problems.
    Please help. I don't know what to do, other than roll back my drivers to Catalyst 6.2, but my rig seems to function faster under 7.1, and I want to see if I can keep it at that level.
    My card is a X850XT 256MB AGP.
  2. skippy258

    skippy258 Private E-2

    hi i have a x800 pro powercolor and was thinking of flashing the bios in the graphics card to unlock 4 of my pipes and improve the preformance of my system as i get the same thing sometimes i also found that the org Catalyst is the best. I have been to powercolor and downloaded the new catalyst and found to have no problems with there catalyst but If you download a Catalyst like from ATI it is not allways the best due to the fact that many different types of manufacturers might use the ATI chip but they do not build the cards hardware the same way dew to copywrite resions and also try to get a edge over there comptition by building a little different, this is why i find the catalyst from the company that built that card has built the software and drivers for that card better then the ATI sight can give out as they are making that software for so many different companys.

    If you want to look at trying to flash your cards bios read this link i found it very interesting but have to find a bios that is for x800 pro not xt http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=108470

    hope this helps
  3. Zorkman

    Zorkman Private E-2

    Thanks for attempting to assist, but it's an ATI card and I got ATI drivers from their website. Just ignore the entire thing, I've reverted to my 6.2 drivers and they are now working. This only came when I received an e-mail from AMD telling me that it's all in the hardware. I got a tad annoyed and disgusted with them, so I'm just going to stick with 6.2 until I upgrade once again.
    Again, thanks to all who took the time to post, take a look at my problem and think upon it, and just look at my problem.

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