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cant remove trojan

Discussion in 'Malware Help - MG (A Specialist Will Reply)' started by wec123, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    an avg threat warning for the trojan horse psw.agent.armw pops up every time i open google chrome. i remove it every time and it keeps coming back. a full scan doesnt work either.

    im running xp and avg antivirus free 2012.0.2197.

    first the threat showed the infection in "c:\windows\temp\<various folders>\plugin.dll". i followed the directions on the forums malware removal procedures thread and opened chrome again and now it shows the threat in "c:\documents and settings\<myname>\local settings\temp\scoped_dir_3732_30127\crx_install\plugin.dll". tried moving to vault and it says the object is inaccessible.

    this all started just a few days ago and i dunno why. i attached all the logs please help if you can

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  2. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    I want you to run TDSSKiller so refer to the below for how to do so.

    TDSSkiller - How to run

    Please also download MBRCheck to your desktop
    • Double click MBRCheck.exe to run (vista and Win 7 right click and select Run as Administrator)
    • It will show a Black screen with some information that will contain either the below line if no problem is found:
      • Done! Press ENTER to exit...
    • Or you will see more information like below if a problem is found:
      • Found non-standard or infected MBR.
      • Enter 'Y' and hit ENTER for more options, or 'N' to exit:
    • Either way, just choose to exit the program at this point since we want to see only the scan results to begin with.
    • MBRCheck will create a log named similar to MBRCheck_07.16.10_00.32.33.txt which is random based on date and time.
  3. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    ok stuff was found heres the logs. ill be holding my breath...

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  4. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    Do you have all important data backed up? You really should do this before continuing since we will need to rewrite your MBR to fix this and while most times this can be done without any problem, these infections can react badly and that could result in a PC not being bootable. You really don't have much choice though since these infections are too dangerous to your security to leave on a PC.

    Also note if you have a Dell PC which uses a non-standard MBR ( or another manufacturer's who does similar to Dell) , fixing the mbr may prevent access the the Dell Restore Utility, which allows you to press a key on startup and revert your computer to a factory delivered state. There are a couple of known fixes for said condition, though the methods are somewhat advanced. If you are unwilling to take such a risk, you should not continue but you risk serious problems leaving this infection in place and thus your only other option would be to try using the Dell Restore Utility to return a factory ship state which will remove everything you additional you have put onto the PC.

    Now if you wish to continue and fix the malware - please do the following:
    • Run MBRCheck.exe
    • Wait until you see the following lines:
      • Enter 'Y' and hit ENTER for more options, or 'N' to exit:
      • Options:
        [1] Dump the MBR of a physical disk to file.
        [2] Restore the MBR of a physical disk with a standard boot code.
        [3] Exit.
        Enter your choice:
    • Please push the 'Y' key and then press Enter
    • When the program asks you to Enter your choice: enter 2 to Rstore the MBR and press the Enter key
    • Now the program will ask you to "Enter the physical disk number to fix (0-99, -1 to cancel):"
      • Enter 0 and press the Enter key.
    • The program will show Available MBR codes as below
    • You need to select your version of Windows frrom the list. For example, enter 0 or 1 for XP or enter 3 for Vista.....etc. and then press Enter.
    • The program will prompt for confirmation. Type 'YES' and hit Enter.
    • Left click on the title bar (where program name and path is written). From menu chose Edit -> Select All
    • You will see all the text in the window get highlighted.
    • Hit the Enter key on your keyboard to copy all of the text into the clipboard.
    • Paste that text into Notepad, save it to your desktop as MBRfix.txt
    • Restart your PC.
    • Attach the MBRfix.txt file to your next message..
    Also tell me how things are working.

    Rerun MBRCheck like you did the first time and attach that log too please.
  5. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    oh boy this is gonna be fun :( ive backed up most everything but ill make double sure and proceed. i DO actually have a dell and using the restore utility actually sounds like a good idea as long as i have my data backed up. i dont mind having to reinstall programs and whatnot if it means my computer will definitely be able to boot again. would you recommend this option over rewriting the mbr? (especially since you said doing so could possibly result in the pc being unbootable). an unbootable pc sounds to me like the end of the line
  6. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    OK, we could try another way, a couple of ways actually, but let me ask, do you have your XP boot CD?
  7. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    the reinstallation cd that came with the computer? sure do, with good old sp1;)
  8. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    You need to use your Windows XP CD to boot to the Recovery Console and run the fixmbr to clear a Master Boot Record infection that you have.

    You can read the below to help you do this:


    After running the fixmbr command then boot back to normal mode Windows and re-run MBRCheck now. Then attach the log. Also explain if you are still having any malware problems.
  9. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    will do, ill let you know how it goes. so this option wont make me lose all my data? i have everything backed up anyway, im just curious about what lies ahead. thanks
  10. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    It should be okay. :)
  11. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    sorry about the delay but i ran fixmbr then mbr check. logs are attached. i also opened up chrome to see if avg gives me the threat warning again and hurrah it didnt.

    Attached Files:

  12. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    i dont know if it was necessary but i also ran the other 4 tools per the malware removal guide and attached logs. i think hitman found a few things but i didnt want to remove them without further instruction.

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  13. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    Yes, I think you were right to.

    Uninstall this garbage.
    Viewpoint Media Player

    Delete these files:


    Run CCleaner, (not the registry section, simply the cleaner itself)

    Let me know if things are still running well.
  14. wec123

    wec123 Private E-2

    i did all that also i ran an avg scan again and it found the psw.agent.armw in 2 locations and deleted them successfully. everythings working good now i really appreciate all this great help
  15. Kestrel13!

    Kestrel13! Super Malware Fighter - Major Dilemma Staff Member

    Glad to hear it. ;)

    If you are not having any other malware problems, it is time to do our final steps:
    1. We recommend you keep SUPERAntiSpyware and Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for scanning/removal of malware. Unless you purchase them, they provide no protection. They do not use any significant amount of resources ( except a little disk space ) until you run a scan.
    2. If we had you use ComboFix, uninstall ComboFix (This uninstall will only work as written if you installed ComboFix on your Desktop like we requested.)
      • Click START then RUN and enter the below into the run box and then click OK. Note the quotes are required
      • "%userprofile%\Desktop\combofix" /uninstall
        • Notes: The space between the combofix" and the /uninstall, it must be there.
        • This will uninstall ComboFix and also reset hidden files and folders settings back to Windows defaults.
    3. Go back to step 6 of the READ ME and renable your Disk Emulation software with Defogger if you had disabled it.
    4. Any other miscellaneous tools we may have had you install or download can be uninstalled and deleted.
    5. If we had you download any registry patches like fixme.reg or fixWLK.reg (or any others), you can delete these files now.
    6. If running Vista, it is time to make sure you have reenabled UAC by double clicking on the C:\MGtools\enableUAC.reg file and allowing it to be added to the registry.
    7. Go to add/remove programs and uninstall HijackThis.
    8. Goto the C:\MGtools folder and find the MGclean.bat file. Double click on this file to run this cleanup program that will remove files and folders
      related to MGtools and some other items from our cleaning procedures.
    9. If you are running Win 7, Vista, Windows XP or Windows ME, do the below:
      • Refer to the cleaning procedures pointed to by step 7 of the READ ME
        for your Window version and see the instructions to Disable System Restore which will flush your Restore Points.
      • Then reboot and Enable System Restore to create a new clean Restore Point.
    10. After doing the above, you should work thru the below link:

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