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Computer making strange double sound.

Discussion in 'Software' started by Beseech, May 2, 2013.

  1. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2


    Please help. I allowed someone use my computer last night. Now, I am having issues with it. The issues are probably related.

    When I move the mouse, every few seconds, the pointer on the screen suddenly stops for a second or two, then can move again. The computer then makes a double sound, like "klunk-klunk." This is extremely annoying and has to stop.

    The klunk-klunk sound happens sometimes when I'm not even moving the mouse.

    (Note: It's the same sound that routinely happens when I plug something into the USB port.)

    Please help me to fix the problem.
  2. mdonah

    mdonah Major Geek Extraordinaire

    That "klunk - klunk" sound you describe sounds like the internal hard drive enclosure may be wobbling when it starts to spin up — what make and model of computer are you using?
  3. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

  4. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    If this is what I think it is, I have found only one cure for it. I don't know if you are on XP, Vista, 7, etc., but I don't think it really matters with Windows versions when it comes to lags and double clutches (grabs).

    If you can stand it, I recommend taking a look at this thread (*there are some long posts in it). I think the information in the thread might help you with this problem and help you to have the kind of performance you are looking for from your PC:


    This is a follow up to the same subject:

  5. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks for the response. I don't think that it's a hardware issue: the klunk sound doesn't come from the tower, but from the speakers.

    I don't know if it's a virus, I ran my anti-virus but to no effect. What else could it possibly be?
  6. djdmoney863

    djdmoney863 Private E-2

    Try running MS config to isolate the issue. Type MSCONFIG in the search box and then either press enter on your keyboard or double-click on the MSCONFIG program that appears in the search results. Microsoft's System Configuration Utility will come up. Click on the Services tab, it will populate all the running services on the system This set may take a while to do but, click the "disable all" button. Then go by one by one to the check boxes until the "klunk-klunk." noise reappears then you have caught the culprit program. Have you already tried running any malware removal tools yet? There's no telling what sites or programs could have been accessed while they were using your system. Also how often do the "klunk-klunk." sounds occur?
  7. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks AtlBo for your response. I'll check out the threads you suggested.

    But seeing that it may take a while to read, if anyone else disagrees, or has any different ideas or more to add, please share. Thanks.
  8. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks djdmoney. I'll try what you suggested. As to your question, the klunk-klunk sounds occur randomly. Sometimes, 3 or 4 times in a span of ten seconds, sometimes going for intervals of a couple of minutes before happening again. It almost always happens immediately after my mouse freezes, but sometimes happens even when I don't move the mouse.

    Do you think that maybe the problem could merely be that my mouse is at the end of its functioning life, and needs to be replaced?
    Last edited: May 2, 2013
  9. djdmoney863

    djdmoney863 Private E-2

    I don't think the mouse would be at the end of it's life if it was functioning properly before you lent it out your friend. Possible but kind of unlikely, I seen this issue before and can count that it's a software issue more than likely. If all else fails you can also try a system restore as well back to a date that you are for sure that the noise issue wasn't happening.
  10. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hey, so I tried this and the computer wouldn't let me access it. It says,
    "Windows cannot access the specified device, path or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item."

    There are no other user accounts on the computer. I SHOULD have access. How can I change it? Please help.
  11. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi. I read the first thread you recommended. I'll read the second one after I make full sense of the first. I think the core value of that thread is that you recommend I download Process Lasso; download GBoost 1.03.0; and JetBoost
    Furthermore, I should not install JetBoost, but instead follow the directions you've given for it.
    Also, it would be wise for me to purchase CleanMem, though this is not imperative.

    Am I correct?
  12. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    basically yes that is correct, but you can use the free version of CleanMem. It has the tools you will need the most. Also, yes do install JetBoost. After installing select "Customize" and DESELECT every process in every category. Make sure to be careful to see the scroll bars right of the processes, so you don't miss the ones at the bottom of each category. Once they are all deselected, close JetBoost. Now open Task Manager and then reopen JetBoost. Click "Customize" again and choose Task Manager there. Now go to the Boost bubble and select "Boost". JetBoost and GBoost will both remember your settings even through boots.

    Once you have JetBoost set up this way, when you boot you just open Task Manager, then the JetBoost menu and press the Boost button on JetBoost. Also, this gives you a platform for experimenting with the JetBoost settings if you want to. JetBoost does optimize with essentially nothing at all selected to shut down. However, you can test the settings one by one. I just have it for its native optimizing qualities...

    CleanMem...highly recommend adding this. It's a great program. If you do install CleanMeme, choose the "Ignore List" from the 3rd part of the CleanMem Settings Wizard (started from the "Mini Monitor" system tray icon right click menu). Add at least Explorer.exe, ProcessGovernor.exe (the business part of Process Lasso), GBoost.exe, and JetBoostTray,exe to the list for full mouse and keyboard and Windows functionality. For the ignore list, think of programs you like functioning at their fullest like games and media players...maybe backup, video converters, . The wizard is in 4 parts. Just leave parts 1,2, and 4 the way they are set if you are using the ignore list.
  13. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi. So I downloaded Process Lasso, GBoost, and JetBoost. I hope I did it all correctly. I must mention that when I downloaded Process Lasso, it said that either I don't have the correct Windows edition or the correct bit size. (Something like that; I can't fully recall.) When I installed Jetboost, I deselected all of the checkboxes; however, there was only ONE scroll list of checkboxes.
    I don't know if that scroll list included all of the categories you talked about, or if I missed something. I then followed the rest of your instructions and when I started Jetboost from the task manager, the window stated thus:

    Processes stopped: 0
    Services stopped: 12
    Performance increased: 40%

    Is this correct? Or did I err?

    (Note: I did not yet download CleanMem, but I will do so later when I have time._

  14. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Beseech OK...

    Which version of Windows (I assume you use one Windows version or another)? Hope we can get Process Lasso going on your PC...

    On JetBoost, right click and select "Show window". Then select "Restore". Now select "Configure" again look to see if you see some tabs across the top. The reason I say uncheck all the boxes is that JetBoost goes hard after Windows processes. By using the procedure with Task Manager, you can use JetBoost without shutting anything down per se. Then if you like you can experiment and/or read up on the processes JetBoost recommends you shut down.

    I think you'll really like CleanMem. I have found it works much better when I use the "Ignore" list and then when I include Explorer.exe, JetBoostTray.exe, GBoost.exe, ProcessGovernor.exe, and any others that I like running without limitations (or that run on a schedule, etc.) when in use. I didn't include any browsers in the list, but I did include media players and video converters, back up programs, defrag, etc...
  15. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi AtlBo;

    I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium.

    As for JetBoost, I right-clicked on it; I did not see the "Show Window" option, so I launched the program. A pop-up box said "Do you want to allow this program to make changes to this computer?" To enter the program, I clicked "Yes", which enabled me to click "Restore" and then "Configure."

    I then deselected all of the checkboxes under all of the categories. The categories were:
    Processes, Services, Non-Windows Services, Other;

    The problem that emerged was that it said: "Please select at least one item."

    In the other thread (the thread you recommended to me), you said to deselect all options EXCEPT Task Manager. However, "tast manager" was not an option in any of the lists.
  16. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    OK...open Task Manager before you start JetBoost (I mean even before JB is open at all), then start JetBoost, press "Configure" and the Task Manager option should be the only box checked if you had them all unchecked before. You won't have to check again to see if it's checked. Any time you run JB in the future, just press the Boost button. Just have to have Task Manager open for JB to add it to the list that first time, then it remembers.

    Then press the Boost button and Task Manager will close. No big deal, you can still open it any time. That's how JetBoost works. It closes selected programs once, but they can still be opened any time, even while JB is on.

    I have JetBoost set to launch on boot, so it stays in the system tray (apologies...I meant right click on the system tray icon for the "Show Window" start up). Sometimes on boot the system tray icon will be red, meaning JB is on, sometimes it will be blue. When it's blue, I just right click the system tray icon and select "Show Window" and then press the "Boost" button. JB remembers settings from the previous Windows session, so I just leave that way. I haven't experimented with any of the settings, but there is definitely a boost there, even though it's only set to close Task Manager on my PC.

    Startup settings are available from the system tray icon right click menu. Just click "Settings"...

    Oh Beseech...I'll get back to you on Windows 7 and Process Lasso. I think you must right click the installer and run as administrator. I will check...
  17. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    Are you sure you have the correct version of Process Lasso for your PC, 32 or 64 bit? There are versions for both...
  18. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi AtlBo,

    I did what you directed and sure enough, Task Manager appeared in the list; so I kept it checked and deselected all of the rest and booted it. Thanks for the guidance.
    I will also set it so that it launches on boot.

    I don't know if my computer is 32 bit or 64 bit. How do I find out? You're right, I may not be using the correct version of Process Lasso.
  19. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    I also want to add that after I clicked Boost, it gave the following statistics:

    Processes stopped: 1
    Services stopped: 0
    Performance increased: 8%

    Also, when do I use JetBoost? Should I have it on all of the time when I'm using my computer? And what is the purpose of the "Restore" bubble? When, if ever, do I need to click it?
  20. dyamond

    dyamond Imelda Marcos of Majorgeeks

    Just to rule things out (I didn't see anyone suggest this), if you are using a USB mouse, have you tried plugging in a different mouse to see if that alleviates the problem? or even plugging that mouse into a different USB port?
  21. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    Yes, that's how it appears on my PC with just the one process stopped.

    With just the one stopped, you can experiment and see if there are others you can stop that will give you a better experience, of course. For me, I just stop the one.

    Yes, JetBoost must be on and in the system tray to be boosting. If you set it to run on boot, it should be there automatically. My experience, as I mentioned, is that sometimes it's red on boot and sometimes blue. If it's red that means I don't have to turn it on, but if it's blue, I right click the icon, select "Show Window", press "Boost", and then press the "x", which sends it to the system tray (check your settings so that it will minimize to the tray (on the system tray icon right click menu))...

    You will only need the "Restore" bubble to get to "Configure" to change which processes JetBoost stops but only if you are going to add some or remove some. Once you have a setup you like, you can just leave it, and you won't need the "Restore" button. JetBoost will keep the settings you had at the end of your last session automatically through boots...
  22. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    No, I didn't try that. Thanks for the advice. I don't have a spare mouse, to experiment with, but I'll try to plug my current mouse into a different USB port.
  23. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks for helping me out AtlBo. Much appreciated :)

    But just to clear up my confusion, what process was it that I stopped? And is it a good idea to stop some services?

    And can anyone tell me how I find out if my computer is 32 bit or 64 bit? I want to make sure that I've downloaded the correct Process Lasso, and I want to make sure I download the correct CleanMem, so I need to know the bit size.
  24. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Also, I need to know how to get GBoost working properly. I downloaded it. I clicked the shortcut on the desktop and after processing for a few seconds, a window appeared which said:

    "No Boost List

    GBoost needs to connect to GBoost Central Servers to obtain your boost list. The program needs to determine the latest info on the tasks running on your system. It does this by checking the tasks running on your system against the current GBoost database on-line. This process occurs the first time GBoost runs on your PC and then only when there is new software that requires adding to the list for a better tune-up."

    So how can I resolve this to get GBoost working properly on my system? Thanks in advance.

    Also notice that I have a post immediately preceding this post.
  25. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Your firewall or A-V is probably blocking GBoost from installing. It checks to see if there are updates, and so your security is probably stopping the installation. Disable temporarily your firewall and A-V, and it should install. Once you have completed the installation, add GBoost.exe to your safe processes list in your firewall if you need to for it to run on boot...

    As for JetBoost, there really wasn't a process stopped. All you did was close Task Manager using JetBoost. However, JetBoost works as an optimizer even without shutting any processes down. Actually, MemClean will do a better job of managing your RAM than you could do shutting things down with JetBoost, anyway. Just let JB do its thing in the system tray. Once you get Process Lasso and GBoost going you'll see how it works. JetBoost helps mostly with smooth mouse movements and scrolls I would say. To see for yourself, use the PC for awhile with JetBoost on and then right click the JetBoost systray icon and click "Show Window". Click restore, and run the PC for awhile with it off. Then just open the menu and click "Boost" again to turn it back on.

    What JetBoost does (set the way you have it set) is restrain system services and processes. It does this to a certain degree even with it set only to close Task Manager as you have it set up now. However, you have the ability to shut down many services and processes as you have seen. You don't need to do this. You will see why when you get GBoost, Process Lasso, and CleanMem going. CleanMem will make it possible for you to leave everything running but efficiently trimmed memory-wise.

    Here's how to check if you are running 32 or 64 bit Windows 7:

  26. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks AtlBo,

    My processor is indeed 64 bit (Windows 7 Home Premium)

    Anyway, I believe I got GBoost started. To allow access through my firewall for GBoost, I went to Program Rules (in my Firewall settings) and changed "Auto" to "Allow." I hope that this is correct. I must also mention that there are TWO GBoost.exe files in the list.

    One says Program Files (x86)\GBoost\GBoost.exe

    The other one is \AppData\Roaming\GZero\GBoost\\GBoost.exe

    I allowed them both (originally Auto). I hope that this is correct.

    Now, I just have to get Process Lasso working.
    I will also download CleanMem.
  27. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Please notice the post I made immediately preceding this one.

    I hate to say this, but after I did everything, I noticed that the JetBoost icon no longer appeared on the task tray on my screen (bottom right). I rebooted the computer and it still didn't appear, so I clicked on the icon on my desktop, allowed for it to make changes to my computer, then clicked "Boost." It then displayed a different set of data:

    Processes stopped: 0
    Services stopped: 2
    Performance increased: 12%

    I don't know what to make of this. Should I do something to return it to its prior data?: ( Processes stopped : 1; Services stopped: 0)

    It should have launched when I rebooted my computer. I don't know why it didn't. :(

    Furthermore, GBoost also did Not appear on tray at bottom right, so I clicked the desktop icon once more. And now it is indeed on my task tray, minimized.
    Do I need to launch GBoost every time I'm on the computer? Or like JetBoost, should it start when I boot the computer?
  28. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Update on my progress. I managed to get JetBoost and GBoost to launch when I boot my computer. However, the settings are lost.

    For GBoost, a window appears that asks if I want to allow GBoost the make changes to my computer. I must click yes to get GBoost to work.

    For JetBoost, although its icon appears on the system tray, the settings are lost. When I open JetBoost from the system tray, the window has a bubble that says Boost, and I must open Task Manager, deselect everything, then press Boost again. How can I set it so that it carries over after I reboot the computer?
  29. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    OK...With JetBoost, if you set the program to run on Windows startup and then to minimize to the system tray on close, you should be good. When it was closing 2 processes, instead of one, don't worry about that. JetBoost will pick up on things like RealPlayer messager or whatever. If it's on it will add it to the list, but it's never anything to worry about.

    Not sure why you had to reset the settings for JetBoost. I think I went through a little bit of a battle at first too. They will eventually stay, but you may have to allow it in your firewall too, not sure. The name of the process is JetBoostTray.exe.

    Yes, GBoost requires that you press the "Start" button on startup. Kind of a good idea for that one particular program as then you can run it when things have calmed down. I guess you found the settings menu along the top to enable GBoost on Windows startup. That's good. To enter the settings as I mentioned, put a check box in advanced. Then you will see an arrow bottom center. Move you "Yes" the ones I suggested.

    OK, you will need the 64 bit version of Process Lasso. I might have to walk you through that one a little bit too, but it's not too bad all in all...

    Keep the questions coming. We'll get you going. Just looking forward to seeing how you like the setup. I promise it's worth the short term tussle...
  30. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    A little more...

    I remember now on GBoost there is the small black window with I think white text that gives you a "Yes" or "No" option. I guess that's the message window you were referring to. That doesn't pop up for me anymore, but I can't remember what I did if anything to stop it. I think there is either a check box on the window that stops the message or it just goes away over time.

    I have my PC set up for sleep mode. It's a desktop, so I just let it sleep instead of turning it off most of the time. This is great, because I can just walk away from the machine. It uses only a tiny bit of power (I think it's like 3-5 watts). I like the fact that the processor stays slightly warm, and, for me, this is preferred to restarting the PC all the time. Also, I don't have to restart any processes. If your PC is a laptop (sorry if you told me, I don't recall), probably won't be the best option for you I understand.

    I'll tell you how to achieve a steady/reliable sleep mode if you would like to set your desktop up this way and are having troubles. XP sleep mode like on my machine has to be mastered. It's an old problem with MS OSes before Windows 7 and going back. 7's sleep mode is much more reliable.

    When you install Process Lasso, at some point the installation there will be a choice of installing for "current user" or for "all users". I can't remember the default, but choose "all users". Once you have the program installed, it's just a matter of getting the other settings good. I can guide you through that process. It's not as difficult as it might seem at first, especially considering you won't have to change them at all once you enter them...
  31. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    The problem with GBoost is no longer that small black window that gives the "Yes" and "No" option; that window no longer appears.

    The window that currently frustrates me occurs when I boot my computer: GBoost tries to load automatically, but doesn't have permission from my Windows OS. The standard box appears that asks if I want to allow "this program" to make changes to my computer. (It's a common window we're all familiar with, which appears whenever a user downloads a new program.) I have to press Allow, so that GBoost will open.

    I don't think that this is supposed to happen. I know that when the computer boots, I need to press "Start" to get GBoost working, but the GBoost program should at least open automatically upon startup, without my needing to encounter that window asking me to "Allow this program to make changes to the computer."

    As for Process Lasso, the links provided in your (AtlBo) other thread only shows the version for 32-bit, not 64-bit. Where can I find PL for 64-bit?

    Thanks. :)
  32. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    GBoost tries to check for updates when you boot the computer. If you include it as a safe process in your Firewall, that message should quit appearing...

    Process Lasso is here. Just click on the 64 bit download where it says Dev Build:


    This is a beta, but the betas with this program are as good as the regular updates. Anyway, once you get it installed, check the menu bar across the top of Process Lasso in this location:

    Options->General Settings

    On this menu check to see if you have this:

    "Check processes every..."

    Should be about 2/3 the way down on the menu. Let me know. If it's not there you should have 2 entries on that same menu. These replaced the one and are:

    Refresh Interval (GUI)
    Refresh Interval (Governor)

    I'll fill you in on the rest once I know which Options->General Settings menu you have...
  33. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Thanks AtlBo, I downloaded it and have this:

    Refresh Interval (GUI)
    Refresh Interval (Governor)

    You said you'd tell me what to do at this point, so please inform. :)
  34. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    OK...this might take a couple of posts, but it's not difficult to do..

    PART 1
    Using the main menu at the top of Process Lasso:
    1. Main->Gaming/multi-media mode->enabled (ignore the alert). This setting doesn't affect temperatures and so it's safe. PC performs better with it on.
    2. Options->General Settings->Refresh rate (Governor)->100ms (you will edit this in the Configuration.ini file in the next step, but this is a good chance for you to try out your PC a little bit with the Governor set on the highest setting possible using the GUI menu)
    3. Configuration and Log->Manually edit the current .ini configuration file. When the configuration text file opens, click on edit in Notepad, then on find. Type in speed and then click "Find Next" twice until you see "UpdateSpeedCore". Replace the number with 80. Now click "File", then "Save". Now close Process Lasso from the system tray and reopen it from your start menu or wherever you have the shortcut to start the program. Go back to the .ini file and open it again. Find "UpdateSpeedCore" again and check that it is still set at 80. It should still be 80. You can start at 80, but to give you an idea of how careful this developer is being with this new idea, I have this number set at 8, and for this core 2 duo, it's just right. Depending on your PC, I would say somewhere between 20 and 8 should be right. I tried 5 but things start to get a bit catchy as the PC seems to get ahead of itself a little bit...

    Once you have done these let me know and we will move on to the ProBalance settings for your PC. This is 6 numbers (5 you will likely change at least a little bit).

    You probably mentioned, but what type of processor do you have in your PC? Also, RAM would help to know...
    Last edited: May 7, 2013
  35. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    I completed this. Thanks.

    As for my processor, I have an AMD Athlon 240 processor 2.80 GHz.

    As for RAM, I have 3.00 GB (2.75 GB useable).
  36. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    OK Beseech...

    You have similar processor capabilities (better but in the same class) as I do. Your passmark rating is 1479 and mine is 1171. You should benefit even more than me honestly. Windows doesn't take into consideration better parts when it's optimizing without Process Lasso. 3GB of RAM should be plenty...

    PART 2
    Assuming you had no trouble with the .ini file (again, I am running it at 8, so you should be able to do so too...test and check your temps occasionally, but mine are perfect)

    Go to this menu entry:

    Options->ProBalance settings->Configuration Dialog (General ProBalance settings...)

    I will explain these based on what mine were and how I changed them, since your defaults will likely be different. Here are my default settings and then the settings I am using:

    1. System CPU to begin adjustments-default 45->my setting 38
    2. Per Process CPU to begin adjustments-default 32->my setting 31
    3. Per Process CPU when adjustment should stop-default 7->my setting 5
    4. Time allowed over CPU quota before adjustment allowed-default 1100->my setting 800
    5. The minimum time for an adjustment-default 4200->my setting 4500
    6. The maximum time for an adjustment-default 0->my setting 0

    If you change yours using the same ratio, then you will have what I have. You can adjust from there. The 5th one I saved for last, and I use it as sort of a key for the rest of the settings. I worked to get the first 4 right and then adjusted with the 5th one, since the others depend on it.

    BTW, if you run into a problem with the Configuration.ini file (the Notepad file), let me know. I'm not exactly sure what you can do with the version you have. If you lower the SpeedCoreUpdate to 8 (less than 10), it may revert to 500, which is the default for Process Lasso. I had a discussion with the developer and let him know that I was interested in taking it down to below 10 (which had been the lowest allowed in the configuration.ini file). He didn't say he would, but I tested with the beta I am using, and it works using 8. If yours reverts to 500, change it to 10, and it should stay and not revert.

    I'll work on getting you the version I have if you have the reversion problem and would like to try at 8. One thing here, the 8 is the number that Process Lasso uses instead of the 100ms you changed to on the menu for the Process Governor refresh rate. The developer enabled this for testing purposes. So if the number in the .ini file is lower than the one on the refresh Governor menu, Process Lasso uses the one in the .ini. file (down to 10 he said, but 8 does not revert in the version I have, and I can tell it's around 8)...

    If you'd like some help with MemClean, let me know...
  37. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi AtlBo,

    I followed your instructions for the ProBalance settings; my default settings were exactly the same as yours. I will later change my settings to the same numbers that you've changed yours to.

    As for the config.ini file, I had no problems changing it to 8. I pressed the 'x' of PL which closed the window. Its icon, however, remained in the lower-right system tray, but was gone from the taskbar. When I reopened it, it remained at 8.
    However, I didn't try shutting down PL altogether, so that it was even gone from the system tray. I don't know if the UpdateSpeedCore=8 setting will remain after I do that.

    As for MemClean: I downloaded and installed it. I didn't explore it or make adjustments to it. I don't really know anything about it yet. I'll be looking at it later. If you have anything to say about it, let me know.

    Thanks. (BTW, in a previous post you asked if I had a desktop, or laptop, etc.
    I have a desktop.)
  38. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    Good to hear you got through it all. To check on the speedcoreupdate setting in the .ini file, right click on Process Lasso in the system tray and click on "Shut down Process Lasso". Then go to Start Menu and restart it from there. Then check the .ini file just to make sure it's still at 8.

    From the Start Menu entry for CleanMem, open the CleanMem Mini Monitor. It will open in the system tray. Find the system tray icon and right click on it and select "Start CleanMem Settings Wizard". Click "Start", then "Next", then "Next", and then change the 4th setting to "Ignore". This will open a menu for you when you press "Next" again to add processes to ignore when the cleaner runs. Add Explorer.exe, ProcessGovernor.exe, GBoost.exe, and JetBoostTray.exe. Then look over your programs and add the ones that stay on for a long time when you use them like your media player(s) and video converters. Then if you have things you just want to have the extra boost from their normal memory add those such as RocketDock or say Microsoft Office programs or Steam. If you use one browser for games you can add it, etc. Also, system tools like your backup program, defragger, anti-virus, VirtualBox (if you have this), and any others that you want to run fast when they run. When CleanMem cleans, it will exempt any ones you add to the list from having the memory trimmed. When you have added them all, click Next, then Finish. You can go back and add/remove processes to the list any time.

    Next go to settings ("Monitor Settings") from the right click system tray menu. General tab->Automatically start at Windows start up. Monitor Settings tab->Show Monitor. Now right click the system tray icon again and select "Change CleanMem Auto Runtime". Find "Clean System Memory" and right click on the listing. Then select Properties->Schedule tab->Advanced. The default time is every 15 minutes. I have changed it to every 40 minutes, but you can use your best judgement on this.

    Hope it all works well for you. If you have any questions, let me know. Also, if you remember in a month or two, please post an update of how it's working for you. It would be great to hear if you have experimented or made any discoveries...
  39. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Okay, I shut down as you directed, and it did retain the value of 8. I also tried a further shut down of PL, by stopping its core engine. When I started it again, the values were reset. So I guess I'll have to reset all of the changes I made. :(

    I added the ones you mentioned, plus a couple more. I wanted to add my Norton security program to it, but I don't think it runs by a simple .exe program. There are probably several programs. I don't know how to add them. I simply wrote: "Norton360" in the box, but I don't know if that will work. I may need to be more specific. Also, does it only accept .exe files?

    This part I completed, but after right-clicking on on Properties (of Clean System Memory), I had to go to the Triggers tab, not the Schedule tab (there was no schedule tab). I then changed it to 40 minutes, like you suggested. Also, there was an option directly above that, which I did not change, called "Delay task for", which was set for five minutes. I was wondering what that meant.
    I must note that I also changed a setting on the General tab (of Clean System Memory). It said:
    Configure for: Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008.
    I changed it to: Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2

    Was that a wise move? Or no?
    Last edited: May 8, 2013
  40. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Right click the schedule for CleanMem (called "Clean System Memory) and select "Properties". On that schedule tab at the top of the menu does it give you the specifics of the schedule in a word form. Mine (Windows XP) says, "Every 40 minute(s) from 5:06 PM for 24 hour(s), every day, starting 6/11/2008." I would ignore the 5 minute delay. As for the Windows 7 over Vista choice, you must have Windows 7, so I would leave it as is.

    Don't know the name of your Norton 360 A-V scanner process. Open Task Manager (CTRL-ALT-DEL), then click on the Processes tab, then click on the "Image name" header, and the processes will be sorted by letter. Go to the ones beginning with N and see which one(s) look like Norton. Google the process name if you find any to make sure you have found the automatic scanner. If it's not in the N's, just start at the top and look over them all until you find one that looks like it might be Norton. Check them one by one. For avast!, the scanner process is named AvastSvc.exe. By the way, when you enter the process names in the CleanMem ignore list, make sure you add the .exe to the end of the process name.

    If you're a little confused over which processes should be in the list, think of it this way. When you decide to add one, find the icon you use to start the program. Right click the icon and select Properties. Then check the shortcut properties of the program shortcut to see what the name of the startup file for the program is. An example for Comodo Programs Manager would be that the startup file is called CPM.exe. In the shortcut Properties menu dialog, it is found in this path, "C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Programs Manager\CPM.exe" on the hard drive, but you just enter the CPM.exe in the CleanMem ignore list if you want CleanMem to ignore the program, so it can have all its resources when it runs. You could also navigate to the program folder in C:\Program Files and find the name of the start up file there by looking over the files until you see the .exe file (program icon) that starts the program. The name of that file + .exe is what you are going to enter in the CleanMem ignore list. All of them, just like GBoost.exe and the others I mentioned, should end with an .exe.

    Chances are you will probably think of some processes to exempt from CleanMem down the road. If you leave it in the back of your mind as you work to think it through, you'll get to them all. Like I have a CD/DVD emulator software called MagicIso. Best to enter it, so that when I run something from a virtual CD/DVD the memory will be plentiful, especially since it will probably be something important I am running. Also, Recuva runs for a long time as it is to scan a drive. I'd rather have it ready with full memory for the times when it's open. It hardly ever gets use anyway. Another one is Eraser, which is a secure deletion program. I erase files rather than delete them using a right click menu option when I right click on files or Recycle Bin. Don't want Eraser to get hacked in the middle of a long erase.

    OK, with Process Lasso, the main thing is to check your settings after a reboot. However, stopping the core engine is what I meant by stopping PL. The 8 value you entered is the check rate the core engine uses to check processes to see if they need to be restrained (background processes, not what you are using on your computer when you are working or playing a game). The 8 value should still have been in the config.ini when you restarted Process Lasso. Try 10 and then save the .ini file. Then shut down Process Lasso and core engine. Restart Process Lasso and check the speedcoreupdate again in the Configuration.ini. Let me know what you find there. If you entered 10 and saved the .ini file, 10 should still be there. All your settings should be retained for every boot or every time you shut down Process Lasso (including the core engine).
    Last edited: May 8, 2013
  41. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    I have tested the Process Lasso .ini edit numerous times. I just gave it a try (I am using a different version than you), closing and turning off the core engine. The program reverted to 100. So I reopened PL, changed the ini number back to 8, and saved the file. Then I closed PL and the engine again and reopened PL and then the .ini and this time it stayed.

    I have checked after boots and the whole works. Once you get 8 to stay, it should stay for you, unless your version only allows for 10 as the fastest possible check rate. The developer told me he was allowing 10 in the .ini and then I mentioned to him I'd like to try the 5-9 range. He didn't say he would enable it, but when I got the next beta, I tried it and it worked, so I think he just didn't want to say so. If I'm right about this particular version, it could be the only one enabled this way (for speedcoreupdate less than 10 in the .ini file). You should no matter be able to use 10 without any problems. 8 is worth a test though. Also, I have the installer for the version I am using if you can't get 8 to work but would like to...

    I don't blame the developer for being nervous over this program. It's a completely new idea, and he doesn't really have the means to test it. As a result he's relying on input from users. Not sure he was quite ready for a "cut to the chase" test like I have been doing (or at least from a user...not a PL forum moderator or guru), but I get the idea that he has done some of this type of testing himself. He's been very positive about the results I have sent him.

    I think Process Lasso will be churning at a much different default core update speed this time next year...
    Last edited: May 8, 2013
  42. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Actually, I was just about to message you telling you that I turned off the core engine again, and upon reopening PL, it remained 8! So I'm happy with that!

    Mine is definitely different. When I right-click Clean System Memory, and select Properties, there is no tab that says schedule. (In fact, I haven't been able to find a "schedule" tab anywhere.) Maybe I have a slightly different version of LP than you do. There is a "Triggers" tab, which originally opens showing an empty box. When I click on an "Edit" button (instead of Advanced), it opened a window which said "Advanced Settings." It was in here that I could change the default time to 40 minutes.

    So, back on the Triggers tab, it says, "At system startup--After triggered, repeat every 00:40:00 minutes, indefinitely."
    This seems to be my parallel to your "Every 40 minute(s) from 5:06 PM for 24 hour(s), every day, starting 6/11/2008."

    Mine also has a column called, "Trigger." It names two triggers: "At startup" and "At task creation/modification." The latter, then says "Repeat every 15 minutes indefinitely."

    So, this is different than yours, but I believe accomplishes the same thing.
    What do you think?

    Yep, I did this. I found the name of Norton 360 scanner process and added it to the list. Thanks for elaborating on this issue; I'll now be able to add and remove processes from the list as needed. :)
  43. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    Yes, I think your setup for running CleanMem will accomplish exactly the same thing. I think that I am using Windows XP explains the differences in the Task Scheduler dialog. Just a by the way if you didn't know, I think that is the Windows 7 task scheduler that CleanMem is using to set up the schedule. At least it uses the Windows task scheduler on Windows XP PCs like mine. Many programs will have their own scheduler, but CleanMem seems to go this different route...

    Really pumped you got it on 8 for PL. Next time you boot just check to make sure it's still set correctly then you can check every couple of days or after a week. It should be stable and stay. I am glad to hear it's staying on your PC, as that means I can update to the latest beta. I've been putting it off, but I have kept the installer for the other version anyway...

    Good on the Norton scanner. If you have any programs that run long scans like Malwarebytes' or SuperAnti-Spyware, might be a good idea to add those too. Whatever program you use for backup is imperitive I would say. Want to make sure the backup program has access to all the RAM it wants so it will make reliable back ups.

    Give this set up a couple of weeks and start thinking about what it might be like in 2 months. Performance will really get much better over time. Somehow, Process Lasso prods the native Windows multi-tasking optimization to actually work. The others, GBoost and JetBoost, do heavy restraining on certain Windows and other background processes. Actually, GBoost I would say does the heavier restraining, but JetBoost seems to have the effect of making resources available to Explorer.exe (mouse functions, menu functions (incl. start menu), drag functions like dragging Windows around the screen, opening folders, and opening programs).

    If you get a chance, update in a couple of weeks on how it's working out. Or if you have any questions or troubles let me know, and I will give you everything I have...
  44. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi AtlBo,

    I think that everything is pretty much in order, except that I'm having a couple of small issues.

    First, I allowed GBoost to pass my Firewall, and when I look at my firewall settings, GBoost is set to "allow." However, when I boot my computer, that same standard box appears which asks if I want to allow "the following program to make changes to this computer."
    This should have stopped by now, especially since I made the adjustments to the firewall; I can't even see any other options in my (Norton 360) firewall to adjust to stop this problem.
    I mentioned it to you before, and you told me how to change settings in my firewall to obviate this problem. I made those changes, but I'm still prompted by my computer to allow GBoost.

    Second issue is just a question I have: You helped me to get to function properly, and it seems to be doing well now.
    However, here's my question: When I booted my computer, the JetBoost icon appeared blue in the system tray, so I "Boosted" it. And it seemed to fine, except that the results showed:
    Processes stopped: 0 (when you were guiding me through installation, Processes stopped was 1, not 0)

    The "Services stopped", this time was 1, instead of 0. (0 was the number which you said is supposed to appear).

    I don't know if this means anything at all; or it may mean a lot. I simply don't know so I wanted to ask.

    And I want to note that, the "performance increase" remained the same (8%).

    Sorry for rambling, but I just wanted to get the last few quirks out of my new programs. :)
  45. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    No problem. Glad to help out here.

    I found something about your message that happens in Windows 7. GBoost is making harmless changes, and in XP on this PC there is no message of this type associated with GB. Probably isn't one in Vista either, but I'm not sure. Looks as though there is only one way to get rid of the messages, and that's to turn off UAC (User Account Control). Read about this in the following three links:




    You should be fine with it off as long as you have your A-V and firewall on. I'm on XP, and I run with only A-V and the XP firewall, which doesn't compare to the Windows 7 version (7 firewall is MUCH better). Anyway, I never get viruses. Your firewall and A-V should keep you protected if you decide to turn this off. Installing software that changes system settings is the only time the UAC comes on. I doubt you would even notice it's not on.

    On JetBoost. When JetBoost is blue on boot, I usually open Task Manger and then the JetBoost window, then press the "Boost" button. I haven't been using the boost choice from the system tray menu. If it will work the same way with no options checked, it doesn't matter. You're getting the same boost. It's the native boost you are after with JetBoost as I learned experimenting with it. For me, it just came down to not wanting to shut down Windows elements and programs, so I worked with JB until I could see how it boosts without the shutdowns. That's how I found out what a good booster it is by itself. Anyway, as I mentioned, you are still getting exactly the same boost as you would if it said 1 process stopped, even though it says 0 processes stopped. Since you have mentioned this, I'll probably just start boosting from the system tray from now on when it's blue on boot. I never got around to seeing what would happen before...just too busy. Appreciate the knowledge.
  46. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    I just recalled. If you would like to have a service like UAC on your PC, you could try WinPatrol.


    This is much better than UAC. If you like the free version, the pay version is only $29.99 and includes lifetime updates. It's only the one charge ever. The great thing about WinPatrol is that it warns you when something is changing Windows settings. However, it isn't a scanner, so it won't interfere with firewall or anti-virus.

    Here is a comparison of the free versus the plus version:


    If you decide to download and install it, it will probably warn you about your UAC setting (if you decide to turn off UAC), but at the same time it will be doing a much better job than UAC, which is really just the pop ups. If anything tries to install itself on your PC without your approval, WinPatrol will stop it, but it has other features too, such as the ability to see your startup processes and view browser helper objects.

    I use a program called Toolwiz Timefreeze. It's a sandbox, so I just turn it on, and then install a program. If I don't like the program, I just open the Timefreeze menu and select "Drop the changes and reboot", and the system is back to exactly the way it was before the installation. If I choose to keep the changes, there is no boot. It's not virus protection per se, but it's a good way to get rid of a program entirely if it doesn't seem like it's written well or if I can see it's just not for me. I think of it as something to use when I'm giving myself 30 minutes to decide on a program I haven't installed before. Usually it will be one that looked good, but had some mixed reviews or something.

    I also have a program uninstaller called Comodo Programs Manager. Revo is a popular choice, but I like CPM better. It records installations and then really removes the whole program if I later decide to remove it.

    When I got a look at the WinPatrol site, I could tell it was for real, so I am seriously thinking about installing it too. Maybe on another PC if I get one soon. From the reviews, I see how this is different than anti-virus. I guess I would say it's more like a firewall booster extreme...
    Last edited: May 10, 2013
  47. Beseech

    Beseech Private E-2

    Hi. Thanks for the links. After reading through some of them, I can see that this message is a response from UAC, and is for security, so I guess I don't really NEED to turn if off; it's more of just an annoyance. But I will probably experiment with turning it off. As long as everything works well after I give allowance to the program.

    This might sound like a weird or difficult question, but I'll ask it anyway; if you want to answer:

    Do you think that the programmers at Microsoft intended for us end-users to leave it on for some the programs we download? (Meaning, we should encounter that pop-up box every time we open certain programs?)
    Or, conversely, if I'm prompted by the pop-up every time, am I not finishing a proper job of installation?

    Well, I use Norton 360 firewall. I don't know if Windows 7 firewall is also functioning. Can both be on? If Norton 360 firewall deactivated Windows 7 firewall, which should I use? (Is Win 7 better than Norton's?)

    Thanks! I'll check out WinPatrol and the other programs you mentioned. They might be worthwhile.
  48. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire


    Yes, it's there on purpose as a part of the operating system. In XP, it's part of the firewall, but in Windows 7, it's separate. I have a handfull of programs that trigger the messages in XP, one of which is an internet phone. The menu it triggers actually looks very similar to yours. The strange thing to me, is that in XP, I get the choice to add to a safe list or block it. I know what I am into with the programs, so I just have them added to the safe list. Don't know why Windows 7 doesn't allow for a choice. GBoost doesn't get a UAC prompt on my PC, but that's just because it's not as strict in XP as in 7.

    No, you are correct that the Norton firewall is your firewall. The Windows one is still there, but it is off and the Norton one on instead. I am guessing the Norton one is better, but I haven't ever used it. Alot of the really experienced users here at MG say that the Windows 7 one should be enough for most users. If you liike the Norton one, I don't see why you should change, though.

    WinPatrol is unlike anything I know of. It's a booster for your firewall. Since you have Norton firewall you might not need it, but users say they can't live without it a good many times. It's sort of like UAC, but I haven't used it, so I would like to hear how you like it if you get a chance to try it. Timefreeze is possibly the best written freeware I've run across. It's a nice tool like for this situation where you might like to try WinPatrol, but you don't know if you'd like to keep it. You can turn on Timefreeze, test your program, and then decide if you want to keep it or revert the entire system back to before the installation. I've used it dozens of times to test software. CPM is another favorite program of mine. It records installations and then monitors the program that was installed, remembering the changes it makes. If you choose to remove the program, it removes it based on all the factors it has gathered. CPM is another one I have used dozens of times. Helps keep your system clean by doing a deeper program removal than Windows.

    Keep me up to date on things. I'm now about 3+ months into this setup, and I can hardly explain to anyone how well the PC is running. It's so smooth that I have given up worrying. That I am definitely not upset about.
  49. Nick T

    Nick T MajorGeek

    Hey Beseech and AtlBo, I yse Winpatrol (free), and the reason I use it is because it is possibly the best there is at keep unwanted programs from trying to invade your system, that is why I use it. I control my start-up programs with Ccleaner, and Winpatrol is there for one thing and one thing only, so Scotty can guard my system the best way out there.
  50. AtlBo

    AtlBo Major Geek Extraordinaire

    Perhaps I will seek entry into the Order of the Claw and start focusing on security a little bit more Nick T. I got this PC running like I want it now, so I guess I am looking for a new challenge. Thing is I am stuck on avast! and it does the work of a firewall. WinPatrol has my attention after looking into it, though.

    Yep you're the long arm of the claw on security amigo...

    Oh, I saw the other day, but I forgot already. What was the name of that all in one Windows fixer program (for like any kind of error)? Like a tool chest for running in Windows. I saw you talked it up somewhere...I think you used it to fix a PC at home? I've seen it mentioned places, but I can't remember the name. Actually, can't remember this either...I recall that it might be Windows 7 only?

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