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Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP won't bring up a website

Discussion in 'Software' started by thai_american_42, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. thai_american_42

    thai_american_42 Corporal

    I installed Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP two days ago. It generally works, but I ran into a problem. Prior to IE 7, I listed a well known cite (westlaw dot com) as a trusted site. Now when I try to bring that cite up from my old bookmark link, I get a completely white page. When I try to go from a link on the google search page, nothing happens. I did notice at the bottom of the window that IE 7 was analyzing the page for phishing.

    I removed the cite from my trusted cites list and turned off IE 7 phishing. I still have the same problem. I have not had a problem with IE 7 otherwise. Do you have any idea what the problem is?
  2. Toni_1947

    Toni_1947 Command Sergeant Major

    I've only found one web site IE7 doesn't 'work' on and that's my local grocer's shop online site. I sent them an email asking why the site doesn't work with IE7 and I'm still waiting for a reply.
    I think a lot of web sites just aren't 'up to snuff' for IE7, but eventually they'll HAVE to be or they'll lose visitors.
    Amazon works great.
    Maybe it's a lack of security on some websites thing?
  3. thai_american_42

    thai_american_42 Corporal

    At http://www.microsoft.com/windows/ie/support/default.mspx , IE 7's soution to "My favorite websites don't load correctly, or don't seem to work at all in Internet Explorer 7. What should I do?"


    "If you encounter a site which does not recognize Internet Explorer 7, a new tool known as the User Agent String Utility has been created to help you work around the problem. The utility comes in the form of a small executable that opens an Internet Explorer 7 instance that emulates Internet Explorer 6 by sending the Internet Explorer 6 user agent string. It also provides a mechanism for you to report problem web sites to Microsoft so that we can follow up with the affected site owners."

    I installed User Agent String Utility, ran it and ... it didn't fix my problem. I think the problem resides in my settings for that particular website that were passed from IE 6 to IE 7, but I created those settings so long ago, I don't remember what all of them were.
    The site westlaw dot com receives perhaps more than 100,000 hits a day, so I'm sure the 'up to snuff' for IE7.
  4. DavidGP

    DavidGP MajorGeeks Forum Administrator - Grand Pooh-Bah Staff Member

    Have you tried the usual quick things as in deleteing your Temp Internet Files and Cookies?

    also a longshot is to delete your DNScache
    Close all IE windows then click Start > Run > type CMD and hit enter > then type ( or cut n psate the bold text ) ipconfig /flushdns and hit enter, open IE up and try again.

    I get that page fine in IE7 ( especially if its the Legal Research site? )
  5. thai_american_42

    thai_american_42 Corporal

    My Temp Internet Files and Cookies are clean. I successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache. I turned off pop-up blocker. However, the site does not come up. When I enter the site URL in the URL box, only a white page showes. When I Google the site and click on the link, nothing happens as those the link is not a link. I called Microsoft and the tech guy in India wasn't able to help.

    I thought it may have something to do with pop-up blockers as westlaw dot com requires special modifications to the Internet Explorer pop-up blocker settings and Trusted Site setting to print from that site or to download from westlaw dot com . I suspected that some of these settings may have transferred from my IE 6 to IE 7 on installation. I uninstalled IE 7, deleted the westlaw dot com settings from my IE 6 pop-up blocker settings and Trusted Site settings and reinstalled IE 7.

    That didn't work. I'm still having the same inability to bring up the site. Help!!!
  6. thai_american_42

    thai_american_42 Corporal

    If you saw this thread, you can cross reference to another IE 7 problem at the thread http://forums.majorgeeks.com/showthread.php?t=105329 where MusicMatch Jukebox cannot be opened with IE 7 installed.

    To suggestion a cause of the problem, perhaps Microsoft has not yet issued the correct Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP. I quote, "To help our customers become more secure and up-to-date, Microsoft will distribute Internet Explorer 7 as a high-priority update via Automatic Updates for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 soon after the final version of the browser is released (planned for fourth quarter 2006)." Thoughts?
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2006
  7. nitecrawler

    nitecrawler Guest

  8. thai_american_42

    thai_american_42 Corporal

    When I move my mouse over your URL http://web2.westlaw.com/signon/default.wl?fn=_top&rs=WLW6.09&rp=/signon/default.wl&vr=2.0&bhcp=1, the link highlights and my cursor changes to a finger. However, when I click on this URL, nothing happens - as though the link is non existant. To see what I mean by "nothing happens," move your mouse to this word: "link" and click. What happen? Nothing, right. That is my experience when I click on your link. What could be stopping my computer from even attempting to connect to the westlaw page?

    At the installation link, they offer three downloads msxml3.msi, MSXML3msms.exe, and MSXML3SP_RelNote.htm. I wasn't sure which one to down load and wasn't sure if that even was the problem. I didn't try this.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2006
  9. nitecrawler

    nitecrawler Guest

    does it make any difference if you hold the 'Ctrl' key down as you click the link?
    This should open it in a new tab for you!

    Just a thought.....
  10. RogersNeesy

    RogersNeesy Private E-2

    My Windows Automatic Update downloaded a new IE7 yesterday and had me install it this morning. After a couple of online setup steps, it seems good to go.

    Anyone else receive this update?
  11. abri

    abri MajorGeek

    Hi Thai_American_42 ...
    I had a similar problem with IE6 coming up with white pages. There is a thread with interesting suggestions for fixing the problem at this address:

    However, what I finally did, after too many problems with Internet Explorer was to try a different browser. That turned out to be a great solution for me. I keep IE for my microsoft updates, but don't need it much otherwise.
  12. thai_american_42

    thai_american_42 Corporal

    I installed Firefox. Firefox copied an old set of bookmarks and I don't know how to get Firefox to use my latest set of bookmarks. Unlike Microsoft IE, Firefox does not have a tab to open a new tab. When you open a new tab in Firefox, it opens to a blank page rather than my home page. Firefox is slower than Microsoft IE.

    I'm going to use Microsoft IE and for the one page that I cannot open in Microsoft IE, I'm going to use Firefox.
  13. thai_american_42

    thai_american_42 Corporal

  14. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Within ie, type in this ip address in the address bar: (then press enter).

    Or, try clicking the following link:
  15. theefool

    theefool Geekified

    Well, you can go into IE, export the links, then go into firefox, and import the links. Odd that it didn't import the correct one.

    To open new tabs in FF, you can either middle click the link, or hit CTRL + link, or to add the button, you can right click on the "bar" with the file menu is located, hit customize, then drag the "new tab" button where you want it. Also, you can use CTRL + T to open a new tab. In addition, once a new tab has come up, you can double click the tab area (just to the right of the last tab), to open a new tab. Lastly (I think), you can open a link in a new tab by right clicking the link, and selecting open in new tab.

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